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Scoop It™

Scoop It™

Reduce kitchen prep time with Scoop It™, the handy picker-upper that takes food from the chopping board to the bowl or frying pan in seconds. Whether chopping, slicing or dicing, the food never touches your hands - no more onion smell on your fingers! The secret is in the mitered edge and ergonomic design with open-ended pour spout that lets you scoop and pour with ease. Scoop It™ fits perfectly in your hand as you quickly gather ham, peppers, spinach and onions for a savory omelet.scoop fixings for salads and tacos.lift chicken strips off a hot cookie sheet without burning your fingers.or clean baked-on food from your cooktop. Take Scoop It™ outside the kitchen to pick up nuts, bolts, paper clips, puzzles, beads and much more. Uses are endless! You get one for the kitchen and a BONUS Scoop It™ for the home. Easy-to-clean plastic; dishwasher safe. 8"L x 9"H x 2 1/2"D.
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